Humble Beginnings 

 Sid Apps grew up in Topeka, Kansas. Singing was a way for him to advance in life to better paths. Graduating Topeka High School Sid attended Washburn University on a music scholarship. At this time Sid was a paid soloist at two churches in Topeka and sang at many many weddings & memorial services. Than a switch to his first career as a ground Paramedic. During this time of his life Sid played in house & cover bands. He played rhythm guitar, bagpipes, keyboards, bass, pedal steel guitar & harmonica.  After 10 years in EMS Sid went back to Washbun University to obtain his prerequisites to attend Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport, Iowa.  Dr. Apps had a medical practice in Fountain Hills & Phoenix, Arizona for 20 years. While running two very busy medical practices Dr. Apps sang with Arizona State Lyric Opera under the direction of Ken  Sipe, Ph.D. Sid also sang with Arizona Opera Company as a Chorister and step-out roles with Arizona Opera while being a member of AGMA. (American Guild of Musical Artist. The performers Labor Union which represents Opera & Ballet companies in the United States.)  Dr. Apps has performed the National Anthem for all four Professional sports venues in Phoenix & has contracted to sing Oratorio roles from Atlanta Symphony to San Diego Symphony.   During his medical career Dr. Apps spent many hours as a Professional Witness in defense of singers who were victim's of Hyperkinetic / Hyperkientic injuries, i.e. "Whiplash" and the effects on singers. Dr.   Apps specializes in treating singers with vocal pathologies, meaning"Vocal Nodes" 

Feel free to contact Sid with any questions you might have in reference to your vocal performance issues. Sid is available for 1-on-1 coaching in studio, your home or via Skype or Face Time. Thanks for reading this and keep  SINGING MY FRIENDS!!!!!  

Singing...Way To Much Fun!!!

Renowned Quality

Sing for 10 years or sing for your entire life. Your entire life is Sid's philosophy.  Bel Canto Singing, or Beautiful Singing, is a form of singing that requires excellent diaphragmatic control. The diaphragm, the muscle of singing. As I tell all my vocal students is that every breath a singer takes is like taking the last breath of your life. GET IT? If not, you need to give me a call: 615.484.3077.


So many singers now-a-days get "Vocal Nodes" at a very young ages. Justin Timberlake, Sam Smith, Adele, Björk, Shirley Manson, Keith Urban, John Mayer and Rod Stewart. Julie Andrews just to name a few. Once the nodes are surgically removed rehabilitation is the next step. Phonation, speaking, that is correct public speakers get "Vocal Nodes" also,  and singers need tp precisely apply therapy & procedures for complete rehabilitation.  The first link is a quick  video on phonation and the second link is a video of vocal nodes.  Please remember that in the bodies development vocal chords are, embryological, ligaments & tendons. How many times do you see profession athletics warm up before a sports performance. Singers must do the same.



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